Detectives Confirm Same Suspect Responsible For Murder Of Lawyer And U.S. District Judge's Son

Jul 24, 2020

Homicide detectives have confirmed that the suspect who shot a U.S. District Judge’s son in New Jersey this week is the same suspect responsible for the murder of a men’s rights lawyer in the San Bernardino Mountains in July.

On Monday, detectives began working with investigators in the Newark FBI office to determine if there was a connection to the murder of Marc Angelucci and members of Judge Esther Salas’ family in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, the FBI confirmed there was evidence linking the two murder cases.

According to a press release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, detectives determined that on July 7, Den Hollander arrived at the San Bernardino train station and rented a car.

On July 11, Den Hollander drove that car to Angelucci’s residence where he shot and killed him. 

After the murder, Den Hollander boarded a train at Union Station in Los Angeles and left the state.

The Sheriff’s Department says the investigation is ongoing and the motive is unknown.

Roy Den Hollander at Union Station, Los Angeles
Credit SB County Sheriffs Dept
Roy Den Hollander at San Bernardino Train Station
Credit SB County Sheriffs Dept