Coronavirus: Medi-Cal Won't Bump People Off Plans, Covered California Extends Enrollment Period

Mar 23, 2020

California health leaders want people to get insured so they can better cope with coronavirus-related Medical bills.

Medi-Cal announced Friday that it won’t bump people off their plans if they don’t renew their coverage on time. And Covered California, the state’s individual health exchange, is extending its special enrollment period past its April 30th end date.

Lee: “Effective immediately, anyone uninsured and eligible to enroll in health care coverage through Covered California can sign up all the way through the end of June.”

Peter Lee is the exchange’s executive director.

Lee: “We know there’s a tsunami of people being hit by the recession who are losing their jobs. They will need coverage.”

State health leaders also say COVID-19 screening will be free for all Californians, regardless of insurance coverage or immigration status