California Considers Banning Tiny Toiletries From Hotels

May 14, 2019

Imagine renting a room at a hotel and there's no pocket-size toiletries in sight. Capital Public Radio’s Ezra David Romero reports that could be the new reality in California.

Inspired by Santa Cruz County banning tiny toiletries last year Democratic Assemblyman Ash Kalra wants to do the same statewide.

[KALRA] "On average only 30 percent of the product in the bottle is used. There's a lot of waste."

Kalra's bill would force all hotels to stop using them by 2023 and replace them with 12-ounce bottles. Violating the law would result in a warning and then daily $500 fines. Marriott is already using larger bottles at many of its hotels says Denise Nenguib with the chain.  

[NENGUIB] "The financials definitely make sense once you kind of get past the initial hurdle of getting products installed."

The California Hotel Lodging Association is working with Kalra. It wants the potential law to go into effect in 2025. And opponents say the bill will have negative ramifications for companies that distribute the toiletries.   

In Sacramento, I’m Ezra David Romero.