7/15 Empire KVCR Midday News: Redlands Water Leak, Teachers Urge Delay of School Reopening, and More

Jul 15, 2020

Monday through Thursday at lunchtime, Empire KVCR News has your daily news rundown. Stories highlighted today include:

  1. Thousands of residents of Redlands are being urged to conserve water due to a huge leak in the distribution system.
  2. Veteran rocker Sammy Hagar’s Lake Arrowhead chateau is back on the market for 3.9 million dollars.
  3. Teachers press Governor Newsom to delay physical school reopening.
  4. California is one of 14 states part of a new agreement to reduce diesel emissions from large vehicles.
  5. Researchers from the non-profit Children Now say 40 percent of Medi-Cal health plans don’t meet minimum standards for low-income kids.