4/14 Empire KVCR Midday News: New Perris Testing Site, Foster Family Support, and More

Apr 14, 2020

Monday through Thursday at lunchtime, Empire KVCR News has your daily news rundown. Stories highlighted today include:

  1. A fourth location in Riverside County for coronavirus testing opens in Perris today. Appointments can be made at 800-945-6171.
  2. Civil liberties group sues over restrictions on religious gatherings.
  3. Governor Gavin Newsom announces more than 40 million dollars to support foster children and families during the pandemic.
  4. International charity groups are sending humanitarian aid to some of the wealthiest places in the United States to help manage the coronavirus pandemic.
  5. Mail-in ballots are going out in a California special election for a vacant U.S. House seat.