3/2 Empire KVCR Midday News: New Vote Centers, Damaged Kelp Forests, Disneyland Brawl, and More

Mar 2, 2020

Monday through Thursday at lunchtime, Empire KVCR News has your daily news rundown. Stories highlighted today include:

  1. More counties in California are moving away from neighborhood polling precincts during the March 3 primary in favor of vote centers.
  2. Scientists warn climate change is destroying California kelp forests.
  3. A man sleeping in his bedroom was pinned against a wall when a car smashed through the house in Riverside.
  4. I-10 Tune-up Construction between Beaumont and Cabazon resumes.
  5. A Las Vegas man who attacked family in a brawl captured on viral video at Disneyland is going to jail.