1/27/21 - Sage Foy Yucaipa Art Contest Winner, Matt Newton - The No BS Guide To The Acting Biz

Jan 27, 2021

This edition of KVC-Arts has Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Matt Newton. He WAS an actor, became an acting coach, and is now an author as well. He wrote “Ten Steps to Breaking Into Acting,” and recently, “The No BS Guide to the Acting Biz.” Lillian also finds out more about a recent art project… and contest… wherein the city of Yucaipa called out to the community, asking for a representation of their favorite place IN Yucaipa. We’ll have conversation with the community services coordinator for the city of Yucaipa, Margot Mullen. We’ll also hear from Sage Foy, a student at Parkview middle school, and the winner of the contest. Her work is on display in the the Winter/Spring edition “Your Yucaipa Community Services Guide