12/16/20 - Brian Brigham of The Modern Gentlemen

Dec 16, 2020

Tonight it’s music from The Modern Gentlemen. The Modern Gentlemen were at one point the longest running incarnation of The Four Seasons, backing Frankie Valli. With Valli's blessing, they've been on their own now AS The Modern Gentlemen for several years , and have just released a Christmas cd and a video for the title cut, "You Make it Feel Like Christmas" – that’s one of a few originals on this disc, The video is both fun, and tongue in cheek funny, and at the same time has some shots and fades which are just brilliant. David Fleming speaks with Brian Brigham, 1/4 of The Modern Gentlemen, about the video, the song that goes with it, the rest of the disc, and just a bit of Modern Gentlemen history as well.