12/11/19 - Leslie Odum Jr, Gerry Beckley of America

Dec 11, 2019

The program begins with David Fleming in conversation with Leslie Odum Jr. Odum got his start on Broadway in RENT at the age of 17. He also originated the role of Aaron Burr in Hamilton, for which he received a Tony and a Grammy. He has numerous TV credits as well, including recurring roles on CSI: Miami, and Law and Order SVU, and is currently in theatres as William Still in Harriet. Leaslie Odum Jr will be performing in Riverside soon. Then David speaks once again with Gerry Becley or the band America. On the previous KVC-Arts they spoke about Beckley's new solo release. This week, collaborations with Robert Lamm of Chicago, Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys, John Waters... we'll even hear about America.