1/15 Empire KVCR Midday News: Bottle and Can Recycling, Aircraft Fuel Dump, and More

Jan 15, 2020

Monday through Thursday at lunchtime, Empire KVCR News has your daily news rundown. Stories highlighted today include:

  1. Consumer Watchdog says California should make the beverage industry take responsibility for recycling bottles and cans.
  2. Health advocates say Governor Gavin Newsom left out a few key solutions in his effort to combat homelessness.
  3. Jet fuel lands on schoolkids near Los Angeles.
  4. More than 15,000 marijuana plants were eradicated and six people were arrested during raids in Aguanga near San Diego.
  5. An investigation has begun into reports of razor blades being found on cars in Temecula, including blades on vehicle door handles.