11/22/17 - The Chantels Lois Harris Powell, and The Skyliners Nick Pociask and Jimmy Beaumont

Nov 22, 2017

It's another program dedicated to Doo Wop, with "Legend of Doo Wop and Rock n, Roll coming to the California Theatre in San Bernardino December 16th, with The Chantels, The Mystics, The Tokens, The Skyliners, The Marcels, and LaLa Brooks of The Crystals. Affordablemusicproductions.com for tickets and information. We start with Lois Harris Powell of The Chantels, following with a 2015 interview with Jimmy Beaumont - founder and lead vocal with The Skyliners, and Nick Pociask - also of The Skyliners, talking about his career before and with The Skyliners, and sharing memories of Beaumont, who passed away October 7th

The Skyliners - Jimmy Beaumont, top right