100 Day Challenge to End Senior Homelessness Begins in Riverside County

Jun 10, 2020

Credit Public Domain Pictures

Riverside County was selected by the state as one of four counties to participate in a new program to aid vulnerable homeless senior populations.

Riverside County announced a 100-Day Challenge to end senior homelessness on Tuesday. The program will move one hundred and forty seniors 65 and older from emergency hotel and motel programs into permanent housing by September 3.

The county will use existing programs to locate housing, including Project RoomKey, a state program to protect high risk individuals and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The effort is led by the county’s Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions Department in partnership with a team of city and non-profit partners including the Riverside University Health System, and the Housing Authority.

Owners of rental properties interested in working with the program should contact Housing Navigation Coordinator Lindsay Sisti at (951) 343-5605 or by email at Lsisti@rivco.org.