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Fact-checkers busy debunking misinformation amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

Alisdare Hickson
Flickr Creative Commons
Pro-Ukraine protester seen in London's Trafalgar Square.

Fact-checkers have been busy de-bunking false information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine posted on social media.

"What we've been spotting a lot of old video that's dramatic, and people share it," said Politi-Fact senior correspondent Jon Greenberg.

He says most of the misinformation casts Russia as the savior of the Ukrainian people and Ukraine as the aggressor. "Thirty years ago, two Russian jets collided at an air show over England. People share the pictures saying, 'oh, this is the Ukrainian forces shooting down Russian jets,' and obviously, the picture has nothing to do with the current fighting in Ukraine," said Greenberg.

Facebook's parent company - Meta - says it's removing a network of 40 fake accounts, pages, and groups publishing pro-Russian talking points. The network used fictitious persons posing as journalists and experts.