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State Mask Mandate Remains in the Inland Empire

Wikimedia Commons

California has decided to not yet follow the Centers for Disease Control’s updated guidance on masking for vaccinated folks. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson has more from inland officials on how to understand the state’s announcement.

Last week, the CDC said vaccinated individuals can safely go unmasked indoors in most public situations, but on Monday the state of California decided they wanted to give everyone a little more time to adapt says Riverside County Director of Public Health Kim Saruwatari.

“So what that means for us in Riverside County since we are in alignment with the state and following the state order. The state’s mask mandate stays in effect until June 15,” said Saruwatari.

The same goes for San Bernardino county. Officials in both counties advocated for adopting the CDC guidance but they will follow the state mandate for the next month. They say the back and forth has been confusing.

To keep it all straight they recommend vaccinated Californian’s think about masking in three situations. In your personal life, you can socialize indoors with other vaccinated families without masks. In indoor public spaces, you need to continue masking, and in workplaces, you should mask indoors if you are sharing spaces with others.