Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 and Sunday Evenings at 6:00

Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.

Lillian Vasquez finds out more about Disney on Ice - coming to the region soon. She also spoke with Darian Manuz about the 2017 calendar filled with original art by folks on the autism spectrum. She also spoke with Lisa Edmund, the mother of Sydney Edmund - whose work appears on the calendar for the month of April (and pictured here). Then Lillian speaks with Mario Frangoulis about his latest projects - including the cd "Tales of Christmas." 

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Mark Lee Gardner, author of Rough Riders - the story of the famous cowboy-soldier regiment led by TR Roosevelt. Then it's Ross French in conversation with Al Pitrelli, with Trans Siberian Orchestra, coming to the region soon.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Nicholas Petrie, author of The Drifter. This is a recent thriller fiction which starts us with a veteran, a large (and mean) dog under a porch, and a suitcase full of money under that same porch. Then David Fleming speaks with Eddie Holman, part of the lineup with Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert. That's in Upland December 10th, along with The Original Tymes, Harold Winley and The Clovers, and headlining - Mary Wilson. Information at affordablemusicproductions.com

Rick Dulock speaks with Jonathan Sharp, principal dancer with Inland Pacific Ballet's, Nutcracker. Then it's music from The Supremes (and - The Primettes) as David Fleming speaks with original member - Mary Wilson. Wilson is headlining Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert, also featuring The Original Tymes, Harold Winley & The Clovers, and Eddie Holman. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Derek, "Deek" Diedricksen, author of "Microshelters" - delving into the world of tiny homes. Then we have music from The Tymes, as David Fleming speaks with original member Caesar Berry. The Tymes are part of the lineup with Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert, That's December 10th in Upland. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com


Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Mike Edison, author of "You're a Complete Disappointment." Actually a story of accomplishment, it begins with words Mikes' father told him - when his father was on his deathbed. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Harold Winley, of The Clovers. The Clovers are part of the lineup with "Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert. That's December 10th in Upland, including Caesar Berry and the Original Tymes, Eddie Holman, and headlining - Mary Wilson, of The Supremes. Information and tickets at affordablemusicproductions.com

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Asha Dornfest, author of Parent Hacks - 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids. Then David Fleming speaks with David "Bootz" Liebman about holiday events coming up at CalSkate Grand Terrace. The show concludes with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Hector Galan, who recently directed, "Willie Velasquez - Your Vote is Your Voice.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Joe Hill, author of The Fireman. Hill uses this name, by the way, to ensure he made it on his own - not because of who his father is - Stephen King. We'll also hear from David Liebman, "Bootz" in many circles, and General Manager at Cal-Skate, Grand Terrace. We'll hear about activities going through October and more. To close the program - Soprano Golda Berkman. Her credits include Carnegie Hall, The LA Opera, AND jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. And - soon she'll be performing with Redlands Opera Theatre as Lauretta, in Puccini's, Gianni Schicchi.

Photo by Alfredo Cruz

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Jerry Nelson, author of Dear County Agent Guy. It's book full of life experiences... straight from the dairy farm. David Fleming speaks with Vicki Goodglick about Octoberfest through Christmas in and around Lake Arrowhead Village. Then it's KVCR General Manager Alfredo Cruz in conversation with trombonist - and conch shell player - Steve Turre.

Susan Ruiz

David Fleming speaks with Maureen Stratton about the 4th Annual Mountain Arts Studio Tour in and around Lake Arrowhead. David also spoke with Flutist Steve Rushingwind about his newest releases, the NAMMY's, his work as a 2d artist and more.

Jessica Greenwell speaks with local author and educator about The Secret of the Shadow - a kids book about the groundhog, and the events leading up to Groundhog Day. David Fleming speaks with Begona Echeverria about NOKA - a Basque folk trio. We'll have music from their latest disc (pictured) and much more.  

Lillian Vasquez finds out more about the kids' book, Drew and the Cyber Bully. She speaks with author Justine Del Monte and illustrator Brandon Chappell. Lillian also spoke with Danielle Giudicci Wallace about an upcoming arts conference through Arts Connection. Rick Dulock then speaks with Ransom Wilson - the new director for the Redlands Symphony.


Natalya Estrada checks out the Herbivore Festival coming up at Crafton Hills College. David Fleming then speaks with Mia Mercado about The Pumpkin Patch at Live Oak Canyon. Emmanuel Rogers wraps up the program in conversation with author, Begona Echeverria. We'll hear about The Hammer of Witches, a historical novel set in a small Baeque town in 1610 - filled with accusations of witchcraft.

David Fleming

As we move toward our Fall Membership Campaign - revisiting a couple interviews from VERY local musicians. David Fleming speaks with Riverside native, Apryle Dalmacio. We'll hear about her EP - Fairytale, as well as her self-titled full-length release. Then David speaks with Dustin Miller and Ben Stewart about Songhammer - a band born out of World of Warcraft, and a Blizzard Entertainment songwriting contest.

Lillian Vasquez checks out activities and lectures with Latino Heritage Week and Hispanic Heritage Month on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College. Then, Lillian also speaks with Frank Blanquet and Robin Underwood about a new documentary produced by FNX - Forging Bonds: Pow Wow Stories From California. To close the program, David Fleming speaks with Christa Stevens about Redlands Opera Theatre, and their season kickoff, Soiree at the Gables.

David Fleming speaks with Kathryn Aalto, author of The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh: A walk Through the Forest that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood. David also speaks with Warren Zanes. Formerly of The Del Fuegos, his lates book is Tom Petty - A Biography.

Emmanuel Roger speaks once again with author Travis Langley. He was on the program before with the psychology of... The Walking Dead. This time around - Captain America vs Iron Man. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with regional musician, Kevin Matthew Hunt. Music from, and conversation about, the three cd's out so far, and a bit about the next.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Austin Kleon, author of the How To Steal Like an Artist Journal, a workbook designed to help with your creative side. Later, David Fleming speaks with Jacob Pflum. We'll hear about his work as the drummer with Eva and the Vagabond Tales, as the player of MOST of the instruments on his own disc, as well as his work with American Parlor Songbook.


David Fleming speaks with guitarist Chuck Alvarez. He performs in the region with Tim Weisberg, his own band(s) - including Soul Sacrifice, a Carlos Santana tribute band. He'll be at the 2016 Jazz in the Pines in Idyllwild, and has a one-man theatre show coming up in Hemet. Later, Sula Ahmad speaks with John Varga, of Green Today, a Green Day tribute band. They're part of the lineup with the Lake Arrowhead Village Summer Concert Series.

David Fleming speaks with Kristi Hong about the Gracias Music Camp, concert, and cultural exhibition - through International Youth Fellowship. David also spoke with Lance Canales - raspy, storytelling blues, coming from a hard life and tired day. We'll hear, among other things, about selections from his latest release - The Blessing and the Curse.

7/27/16 - Quel Bordel, The Miracle Dolls

Jul 27, 2016

Ross French speaks with Regine and Jakovich - from Quel Bordel. Their newest disc, tour and more. David Fleming speaks with Dani and Dezy Doll - The Miracle Dolls. We'll hear about, among other things, THEIR new tour, and their appearance with the Warped Tour in Pomona. Also, videos from the most recent album.

7/20/16 - Flogging Molly, Colton Area Museum

Jul 20, 2016

Sula Ahmad speaks with Mario Suarez about the Colton Area Museum. Then it's Ross French in conversation with Matt Hensley - accordionist with the Celtic-punk band, Flogging Molly.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Nickolae Gerstner, author of Epiphany. A priest, a crime from the past, and much more. We'll hear of weekly entertainment through the Summer as Lillian Vasquez speaks with Beverly Nohr, Executive Director for the Redlands Bowl. Lillian also checks in with Rye Mullis, director for The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus: Out Of This World.

David Fleming speaks with Shirley Reeves, from The Shirelles, and also Eugene Pitt, from the Jive 5. This is part of The Legends of Doo Wop Volume II happening in Upland on July 16th. This also includes other artists such as Jimmy Stephens of The Safaris, Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, and JT Carter - founder of The Crests. 

Tonight it’s Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with author James Rollins. His latest book - The Bone Labyrinth, that’s the latest in the Sigma Force series. Natalya Estrada speaks with Justin Freer, conducting the music of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone at the Hollywood Bowl July 6th.  Also, coming up soon in Upland, The Legends of Doo Wop Volume 2, with Eugene Pitt from the Jive 5, Jimmy Stephens of the Safaris, Shirley Alston Reeves from the Shirelles,  JT Carter, founder of The Crests, and tonight’s guest - Maurice Williams, of The Zodiacs.


David Fleming speaks with JT Carter founder of The Crests, part of The Legends of Doo Wop Vol. 2 in Upland July 16th. Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with Greg Iles about his new book, The Bone Tree, the second in a trilogy of blood and race, and family and justice. The book, featuring southern lawyer Penn Cage, is set in the small Mississippi town of Nachez. 

David Fleming speaks with Shane Morton, author of The Trouble With Off-Campus Housing. Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Sean Connolly, author and creator of The Totally Irresponsible Science Kit: 18 Daring Experiments for Young Scientists. Also, Rick Dulock speaks with Maestro Frank Paul Fetta, in the San Bernardino Symphony, The Redlands Symphony, and several other appearances at the Redlands Bowl.

Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Barry Nolan, host of Say's You, coming to San Bernardino with tickets and information at KVCR.org/events. Sula Ahmad speaks to Vicki Goodglick about the Lake Arrowhead Village Summer Concert Series and more around Lake Arrowhead. Also, David Fleming speaks with JM Moore about an 1896 Los Angeles landmark in her book The History of The Barclay Hotel: A Collection of True Short Stories Both Epic and Tragic. 

6/1/16 - Zentonic, Fox and The Red Hares

Jun 1, 2016

David Fleming speaks with Daniel Chavez, lead guitarist and vocalist with Zentonic. Among other dates, Zentonic is part of the lineup at the Inland Empire Beer and Music Festival happening on June 11th in Riverside. Find out more at IEBMF.com. We'll also hear from Sula Ahmad in conversation with Justin Lee Fox and Lucas Schneider, half of Fox and The Red Hares, an area band combining country-blues with an alternative, grittier sound. 

Ross French in conversation with Quel Bordel who will be performing in Hemet on June 11th. Rick Dulock speaks with Doyle Lawson from the band Quicksilver, peforming at this year's  Huck Finn Jubilee in Ontario, running from June 10th through the 12th. Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with Amy Gary, editor for the estate of Margaret Wise Brown.