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One More Day Of Wet Inland Weather With Mtn Snow Before SoCal Sunshine Returns Later This Week

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - A low-pressure storm system could drop light rain in Inland Southern California today - and snow on the roads could create hazardous travel conditions in our local mountains, according to the National Weather Service.
The NWS issued a winter storm warning that remains in effect until noon today for inland mountains above 5,500 feet. Snow in those areas could make travel hazardous or impossible, forecasters said.
``If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight,...

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David Fleming speaks with flutist Tim Weisberg. Also, we hear from vocalist Janice Mann who also makes jewelry. 

The World of Kristin Korb

May 7, 2012

Polly Frost: She MIGHT be near you soon!

Apr 23, 2012

I was first able to interview Polly Frost for her one-woman show, "How to Survive Your Adult Relationship With Your Family" at The Canyon Crest Winery in Riverside. Before she contacted me - I must admit - I thought her name was a bit familiar - but I didn't quite know who she was. I shoulda - given my interests - and now I'm glad I DO.

Rockabilly - at age 73!

Apr 17, 2012

Wanda Jackson is called The Queen of Rock n’ Roll, the 1st Lady of Rockabilly, and credited as the 1st female rock n’ roll singer. I have yet to talk to her about these names being placed on her, but I will.

This Is...Not...Spinal Tap

Apr 17, 2012

So – in between cataloguing my jazz LPs, sorting through my ambient and classical discs, and listening to something really reflective by Eric Satie…it was a trip to a local grocer, where a friend offered up some tickets for something a bit different…Heavy frackin' Metal! Well, one band was. Two other bands were just good, hard, edgy rock. Refreshing. Then there was the headliner – Steel Panther!

A Big But and an Even Bigger Dinosaur

Apr 17, 2012

A big But? Yeah. I know. I spelled it wrong. If that’s what you were thinking. I’m thinking of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. He had been dropped off at a roadside diner by Large Marge – a spectral truck driver. He was giving Simone, a waitress, some advice, and she said, “I know you’re right, Pee-wee, but…” He cuts her off with, “Everyone I know has a big 'But'. C’mon, Simone, let’s talk about your big 'But'”. Now, while they were chatting, they were looking out at the night sky – through the mouth of a large dinosaur.


Just In From NPR:

Venezuela's authoritarian leader has closed the border with Colombia to frustrate opposition efforts to bring in humanitarian aid. But that hasn't stopped Venezuelans from crossing the border for aid.

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with ProPublica editor Daniel Golden, who is author of the book Price of Admission, about ways the rich have manipulated the college admissions process for their kids.

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with White House spokesman Adam Kennedy about the path ahead for President Trump's emergency declaration to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Authorities at the Port of New York and New Jersey seized approximately 3,200 pounds of cocaine from a shipping container on Feb. 28.

Officials carried out an inspection of the shipment after they noticed tampering of several containers on a large vessel traveling from Buenaventura, Colombia, Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge Ray Donovan told NPR. That is when they discovered the nearly ton and a half of cocaine with an estimated street value of $77 million.


More From NPR

More Countries Ground Boeing 737 Max Jets Following Crash, Even As U.S. Gives Greenlight

The U.K. joined China, Australia, Singapore, and several Latin American countries in parking their 737 Max airplanes following the models second fatal crash in five months. However, in the U.S. this morning, they continued to take off with the blessing of the Federal Aviation Administration.  Here & Now s Robin Young speaks with MSNBCs  Ali Velshi   ( @AliVelshi ), co-host of Velshi & Ruhle. This article was originally published on Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www...

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Adam Schiff: Evidence Available Already Shows That Trump Should Be Indicted

There's already sufficient evidence to support an indictment of President Trump even before the conclusion of the special counsel investigation, California Rep. Adam Schiff said Tuesday. The chairman of the House intelligence committee pointed to the case of Michael Cohen, the president's former personal lawyer, in which the government described how "Individual 1" directed and coordinated a campaign fraud scheme. "Individual 1" is Trump, and Cohen is set to begin a three-year prison sentence...

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‘Second Wave’ Of Shale Oil Boom Set To Make U.S. A Top Oil Exporter

The world is going to produce a lot more oil over the next few years, and more of it than ever will come from the United States. According to a new report  released by the International Energy Agency this week, by 2023, the U.S. will rival Saudi Arabia in oil exports, less than a decade after former President Barack Obama lifted a ban on crude oil exports. Here & Now s Peter ODowd speaks with Jennifer Layke , global director for energy at the World Resources Institute. This article was...

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U.S. To Pull Diplomats Out Of Embassy In Venezuela

Amid continuing unrest in Venezuela, the United States plans to remove all diplomatic personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter late Monday. "The U.S. will withdraw all remaining personnel from [the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela] this week," Pompeo tweeted. "This decision reflects the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy....

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U.K. Parliament Rejects Theresa May's Brexit Plan Yet Again

Updated at 5:17 p.m. ET In a vote that might shape Britain for years to come, Parliament has once again rejected the Brexit deal that Prime Minister Theresa May had struck with the European Union regarding the terms of the U.K.'s exit. And it wasn't even close: 242 votes for, 391 votes against. "I profoundly regret the decision that this House has taken tonight," May said after the vote, which was one of the government's largest defeats in the modern era. "I continue to believe that by far...

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Coast Guard Officer Pleads Not Guilty To Gun, Drug Charges In Alleged Terrorism Plot

A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant was arraigned Monday on gun and drug charges in a case authorities say linked him to a plot to killed several prominent Democrats and broadcast journalists. Christopher Hasson, 49, pleaded not guilty to charges of illegal possession of firearm silencers, possession of firearms by a drug addict and unlawful user, and possession of a controlled substance. Hasson was arrested last month in the parking lot of the Coast Guard headquarters where he had worked for three...

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Fed Chair Jerome Powell Discusses 'Lost Generation' Of Workers In '60 Minutes' Interview

In an interview with CBS News Scott Pelley on Sunday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated that the economy is strong and the Feds approach to interest rate increases remains patient. However, Powell said the days of sustained 4 percent growth of the GDP are over, because the U.S. population is aging, and fewer young people are participating in it due to globalization, technology outpacing education and the opioid epidemic. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger speaks with...

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Russians, Fearing Internet Isolation, Protest Government Plan

Russians, fearing digital isolation and more censorship on the horizon, gathered in the streets of Moscow and other cities on Sunday to protest a new bill calling for Russia to be cut off from the global Internet. Media outlets have described the protests in the capital as "some of the biggest" in years. At the heart of protesters' objections was the sovereign Internet bill, which has been wending its way through the Russian Parliament. The measure would require data between users to be...

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Politics From NPR

Speaker Pelosi Revokes Vice President Pence's House Office Space

The speaker giveth, and the speaker taketh away. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has reclaimed office space her predecessor, Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., awarded to Vice President Pence. Republicans gave Pence, a former House member, a first-floor bonus office in the U.S. Capitol shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. The vice president rarely used the space, but it was a symbolic gesture of the warm relationship Pence enjoyed with Ryan and the House GOP. The vice...

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Education From NPR

'I Need A Degree In Order To Move Forward': Why Some Adults Choose College

A new father trying to provide for his family. A grandmother finishing what she started more than four decades ago. A man navigating multiple schools, hidden curriculums and financial hurdles. These are just some of the older students working toward a degree in the U.S. The majority of today's college students have characteristics that describe them as " nontraditional ": They work; they're raising children; they're not coming straight from high school. And while some just take a couple-year...

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Science, Technology, And Medicine From NPR

Fresh Challenges To State Exclusions On Transgender Health Coverage

When Sgt. Anna Lange moved with her young family from Columbus, Ga., to the state's more rural Houston County, her main priority was being able to stay near her son. After five years of marriage — and many more years of internal turmoil — Lange had realized that despite being assigned male at birth, she'd felt female her entire life. She had decided to undergo gender transition and knew it would eventually end her marriage. She also knew her soon-to-be ex-wife would want to move back home to...

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Arts, Culture, And Media From NPR

New Record-Pressing Plant In Virginia Bets On Vinyl

Around the world, digital music reigns, but there continues to be an interest in vinyl records. A new record-pressing facility in Virginia is capitalizing on the demand for vinyl and hoping to ensure the future of the music format. Ally Schweitzer ( @allyschweitzer ) of WAMU reports. This article was originally published on Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

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Want To Know How To Ask Questions? Longtime Journalist Shows How It's Done In New Book

With the rise of podcasting and the lack of civil conversation he was seeing around him, author and longtime journalist Dean Nelson ( @deanenelson ) says it struck him as a perfect time to write a book demystifying the art of asking others questions. “It just felt like, well, I know something about it. I think the world needs it, and there is this rising interest in long, deep conversation, either through podcasts or I think just in civil life,” says Nelson, who recently released his new book...

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Food, Nutrition, and Cuisine From NPR

From Dip To Soup, 3 Recipes For Cooking Onions — A Classic Kitchen Staple

Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst  has three onion dishes for host Robin Young to share, including her takes on the classic onion dip and soup. These recipes and tips come from Kathys cookbook Soup Swap , published by Chronicle Books. Onions are the flavor base of so many cuisines around the world. They can be sharp and strong when raw, and sweet and silky when cooked long and slow. 11 Types Of Onions To Know There are so many types of onions we thought we would take you through some of...

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Selfie-Taking Woman Apologizes After Jaguar Attack At Arizona Zoo

A woman whose arm was gashed after she jumped over a concrete barrier to take a selfie in front of a jaguar enclosure at an Arizona zoo has apologized for breaking the rules, park officials said on Monday. "The person involved met privately with zoo officials to acknowledge her regret for her role in the past weekend's events. ... Wildlife world staff and administrators appreciate her sincere apology and we look forward to welcoming her and her family back at a future date," Wildlife World...

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