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SBCUSD Celebrates Inaugural Pride Event

The San Bernardino City Unified School District and their partners are celebrating after their successful Inaugural LGBTQIAA+ Pride Celebration which took place Saturday at Indian Springs High School. There may have been some nerves on Saturday as the gates at Indian Springs opened for the all-inclusive event, but according to Colleen Williams, Director of Student Wellness & Support Services with the District, all was well at the event on Saturday…

WILLIAMS: In terms of the students and the families and the allies that participated, and the community partners that participated – All smiles – All Amazingly affirming environment. Definitely a G-rated Pride event, because it was geared toward students. But just everybody being welcome in their own identity. And so it was, it was amazing for us.

Partners lined up to participate in the inaugural event and along with almost 500 in attendance, there were plenty of volunteers to welcome students and families who came to enjoy the day, including Val Rinehart. He’s an Education Specialist for the Hard of Hearing in the district…

RINEHART: It was just something exciting because the turnout was fantastic. I’m surprised of all the families, I just, the families. Grandparents and parents, and children, and all all ages. And just people in the community, so it was really cool to see.

Board of education members were there, including Keynote speaker - Abigail Rosales-Medina who said, quote, “Our students need to feel loved and respected, and they need to be treated with dignity.”
This was a sentiment repeated by Val Rinehart…

RINEHART: When you are a minority within a minority, oftentimes you don’t get that recognition or even that validation that you exist as a person in any capacity – whether you’re a community member, or if you’re a teacher or a staff member. And to see everyone come together in that capacity is just, as my friend has put it, “…has saved lives” because we are people. And myself to be an LGBT teacher for SBCUSD, it just makes me hopeful for the future and for our youth.

For KVCR News, I’m Rick Dulock