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No, Drake has not done a Tiny Desk, though we're open to the possibility

Drake performs in concert as part of the Summer Sixteen Tour in New York on Aug. 5, 2016.
Charles Sykes
Drake performs in concert as part of the Summer Sixteen Tour in New York on Aug. 5, 2016.

Rappers Drake and 21 Savage are gearing up to release Her Loss, a joint album, on Friday. To promote the project, the pair has been doing multiple spoofs, including of NPR Music's Tiny Desk series.

Unfortunately, it is not real and Drake and 21 have not stopped by the NPR office for the segment.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, Drake and 21 are seated in front of a backdrop of books and All Things Considered signage, though if you've seen enough Tiny Desks, perhaps you noticed the background wasn't quite the same as the one used to shoot the real thing.

"What's up everybody? Appreciate you joining us today, all the audience, everybody at home," Drake says in the video before he and 21 Savage introduce themselves. Beside them is a two-piece band. The video concludes with the NPR Tiny Desk logo.

The Internet began freaking out at the possibility of the four-time Grammy winner doing acoustic versions of his various hits. A few NPR employees frantically began trying to confirm the news internally after seeing the post on social media and receiving text messages from friends and family.

"Let's do it forreal tho,"NPR Music responded.

Seriously, Drake, you and 21 are welcome anytime.

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Ayana Archie
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