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Voters Who Monitored GOP Convention Weigh In On What They Heard


So how does all this look to some of the people watching at home? Christy Williamson (ph) is a 31-year-old in Sebree, Ky., and says she liked seeing Republicans criticize Democratic-leaning states where officials closed churches during the pandemic.

CHRISTY WILLIAMSON: God is my be-all, end-all. So of course, you know, closing churches - that's a big thing for me.

INSKEEP: Williamson is a registered nurse and says health insurance has become more lax under President Trump, which she says is a good thing.

WILLIAMSON: I kind of feel like you're more apt to get what you pay for. And when the COVID first started up, the fact that we were able to get our PPE and we were able to get ventilators and things like that, you know, that was awesome. We were truly blessed.


In Tulsa, Okla., Austin Robertson (ph) and Shannon McNeal (ph) were put off by the speeches from Donald Trump Jr. and the campaign's finance chair Kimberly Guilfoyle.

AUSTIN ROBERTSON: Kimberly Guilfoyle was horrible.

SHANNON MCNEAL: Stand out (ph) - Trump's son...

ROBERTSON: She's a huge disappointment. It's almost like she was trying to get the base riled up.

MCNEAL: She was, like, yelling.

ROBERTSON: It was just embarrassing to be honest.

GREENE: Robertson is 33. McNeal is 24. They are vegan environmentalists. But for them, the Democrats have gone too far left.

ROBERTSON: Prison reform and environmentalism have been pushed aside to police reform, which we're against. I mean, like, I don't want to defund the police.

MCNEAL: I'd like to call the police. You know, if, like, somebody comes to your door, you don't want to be, like, having to fend for yourself.

ROBERTSON: The Democrats pretty much lost our interest. I mean, we might have voted Democrat...

MCNEAL: If there was a different...

ROBERTSON: ...Six months ago. But I don't think it's going to happen now.

INSKEEP: Some views of voters after the first night of the Republican convention. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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