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Guatemalan Hip-Hop, Argentine MCs, Puerto Rican Soul And More

DJ Ramiro Jota with Argentine MC Sara Hebe.
Courtesy of the artist
DJ Ramiro Jota with Argentine MC Sara Hebe.

On this week's episode of Alt.Latino, Felix Contreras and I discuss how different our musical tastes feel at times. Sometimes, we seem to come from virtually opposite head spaces: Felix will be chilling on a Jamaican beach, listening to reggae love ballads, while I'm off listening to hip-hop at some nightclub in southern Argentina. Or Felix is calling in from a Fresno jazz bar, while I'm at a cumbia concert in Tijuana.

It makes for good conversation — and great music. This would be a very different show, and a much less interesting one, if Felix and I listened to the exact same records and were always on the same plane of existence. It helps that we're in constant conversation with other music lovers, based all over the world and on different kinds of journeys.

So as we share our new episode — featuring a new Guatemalan rapper, an Argentine MC, some Puerto Rican soul and much more — make sure you also keep in touch with us, wherever you might be. Think of Alt.Latino as the biggest, baddest, coolest Latin-music pen-pal group ever.

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