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NEEDS, 'We Forgot The Records To Our Record Release Show'

I love this band. For its chaotic, full-throttle rock. For its world view — a mix of sweet idealism and brooding cynicism — and for its self-deprecating sense of humor. You can hear it all in the NEEDS song, "We Forgot The Records To Our Record Release Show," from the Vancouver band's self-titled debut.

In a new video, the band thrashes through the song in a cinderblock basement (the best gig they could get?) while we glimpse moments from a bleach-blonde, mustachioed man's double life. One moment he's a photographer shooting models, the next he is the mode l... in a gimp mask, swishing an S&M whip. It's a statement, in part, about the choices we make and how they shape what we become.

"I'm a 36-year old hipster dishwasher," says NEEDS front man Sean Orr. "So I sort of have to constantly affirm that my lifestyle is worth it. I wrote [this song] in my head while watching this band störc play at our record release show, for which we forgot our records. I was just like, 'What am I doing?' But then the answer is, 'Well, what is the alternative?' I could be living in the suburbs, where I grew up, and have kids and a boring job like all my old high school friends. It's very cathartic for me, but its also kind of light hearted."

The video was directed by Matt Leaf. The photographer portrayed in the video is real-life Vancouver arts photographer Ryan Rose. NEEDS' self-titled debut is out May 12.

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