Escalating Fight Over Homeless In Orange County Continues At Federal Court Hearing Today

Apr 3, 2018

This was the scene in Orange County a few weeks ago along the Santa Ana riverbed near Angel Stadium, before the homeless encampment that is pictured was dismantled by the OC Sheriff's Department.
Credit Katie Albertson/Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan

This morning (Tuesday), officials from a number of Orange County cities gather for yet another federal court hearing on what to do with about 400 people who had been living in makeshift encampments along the Santa Ana riverbed.  The judge overseeing the case ordered that they be housed in motels for 30 days after the county forcibly evicted them from the site.  The clock is running out on those motel vouchers, though.  And a proposal to create temporary shelters in three Orange County cities was angrily rejected by dozens of residents.  Here's more from KCRW's Saul Gonzalez.