5/10/17 Celtic Woman's Tara McNeill, La Sierra Univ. Spring Concert AND Claremont's Sanctuary Coffee

May 10, 2017

This week's show begins with Rick Dulock and two talented students from La Sierra University, Michael Patterson and Susana Leiva. Patterson will conduct the school orchestra's Spring Concert on May 13 and Leiva will lend her voice to the evening's repertoire. On May 22 a new and unique coffee house opens in Claremont; Sanctuary Coffee. Lillian Vasquez chats with Steve Gerali who hopes to provide respite for weary workers and students where the profits go to charity! Also in this episode of KVC_aRts David Fleming speaks with the newest member of Celtic Woman, Tara McNeill. The ensemble is set to perform at the California Theatre of the Performing Arts on May 24. 

Tara McNeil, far right